Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wow! It's been a while!

So yeah....kinda lost track of time. It's just flying by! I know these last few weeks are going to probably drag on and on but the rest of it has flown by. Actually, I have been super busy with Miss Lehi and Miss Utah stuff. Our pageant is in one month tomorrow! Holy crap! We have 8 contestants this year and it's going to be so great! The time may fly by which is a good thing. No use in sitting home....waiting to have a baby! Right after Miss Lehi is Miss Utah so that week will be awesome! Then it's Round-Up and then BAM!!!! Induction day! Hooray! My doctor told me she would induce me as early as the 24th of June but I don't want to miss out on Round-Up. Especially since I'm in charge of 2 events. YIKES! I'm scheduled to be induced on Monday the 29th. This pregnancy has been a dream! It's been so easy. I was more sick in the beginning than with my other 2 but I just feel great right now. Apart from being tired and getting exhausted after not doing much. That's a bummer! Of course I'm anemic but what pregnant lady isn't? My doctor is fantastic! I didn't think I would find another doctor that I liked as much as Dr. Lawrence but it's possible I like Dr. Smith more. She's so wonderful and helpful!

So, I can't believe it but my stupid dog Chaquita is pregnant again. STUPID DOG! The vet says we can't spay her because of her age. Go figure! Isn't having puppies even more of a risk to her? For real! So in about 2 weeks, I get to deal with that again. Good gravy people! I will be finding a new vet as soon as they're born. Even if I have to go to a clinic in an ally to get her parts taken out.

My good friend Edyn is having her baby a week from today! I am so excited for her! She has 3 cute boys and is expecting her first girl. What a fun time! I have such great friends that take such good care of me. Thanks to all of you! (Thanks Traci for always being my venting go to person!) Seriously..........life is so good!