Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fun Facts

Well, I visited my cousin's blog and she had this fun little "about me thing" that I wanted to post myself so here are some fun facts about me.

1)Favorite Color: Pink
2)Favorite Foods: Yellow cake with chocolate frosting or chocolate cake with white frosting (mom's homemade is the best)
3)Favorite Month: September
4)Favorite Song: Too many!!!
5)Favorite Movie: Comedy-Sweet Home Alabama, Drama-Count of Monte Cristo, Disney-Mulan,
6)Favorite Sport: To watch-Basketball (GO JAZZ!!) To play-Soccer
7)Favorite Season: Fall
8)Favorite Day of the week: Sunday
9)Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Russell's Mint Chocolate Chip (I am my daddy's girl)
10)Favorite Time of Day: 10:00 a.m.

1)Current Mood: happy, lazy
2)Current Taste: roast and mashed potatoes (it's Sunday)
3)Current Clothes: t-shirt and pj bottoms (pink of course)
4)Current Desktop: my family pic
5) Current Toenail Color: bright red
6) Current Time: 9:14 p.m.
7)Current Surroundings: family room, toys, family
8) Current Thoughts:my girls are going to be up all night because they both had extremely long naps today and I am going to pay for that.
9)Current Job: Mommy, Baby Chicks co-owner, assistant director at Lehi Arts Council, Miss Lehi Pageant Director. (none of them make money by the way)

1)First Best Friend: JD Frisby
2)First Kiss: Jake Terry (YUK!!!!)
3)First Screen Name: uh......
4)First Pet: Baby the Dog (oh I miss her still. We had 17 great years together...tear)
5)First Piercing: My ears when I was 8 (last piercing:tounge....bad choice)
6)First Crush: JD Frisby (akward, he's a cousin)
7)First CD: Janet Jackson (Ad, Cyd, Maxi, and I would make up dances)
8) First car: Chevy Camaro (I was stylin)

1)Last Cigarette: college (jk mom)
2)Last Drink: water
3) Last Car Ride: Coming home from church that is 2 blocks away. LAZY and LATE.
4)Last Kiss: Noah 2 minutes ago :)
5) Last Movie Seen: Chuck and Larry (don't go see)
6) Last Phone Call: Cyd, always
7)Last CD Played: Cinderella (arts council's latest production)

1)Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: yep
2)Have You Ever Broken the Law: all the time
3)Have You Ever Been Arrested: Does juvi court count?
4)Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: yup
5)Have You Ever Been on TV: One time I was on 3 times in the same week. Weird?
6)Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: no, I didn't really like it

5 THINGS You've Done Today:
1)made yummy breakfast
2)gave girls a bath
3)went to church
4)ate dinner with family
5) had 3 hour nap with the family (lazy trash)

4 ThingsYou Can Hear Right Now:
1) AnnaBelle and Daddy playing a game
2) heater
3) Tica's nails on the hardwood
4) crickets outside

3 THINGS YOU CANT Live Without:
1) DVR
2) central vac
3) yellow cake with chocolate frosting

Thing You Do When You're Bored: Watch TV, play on computer, play in my garden that is now dead

1) Home

Noah of course (mom is next)

1) Black or White: Black
2) Hot or Cold: Hot (I HATE being cold)

1THING YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE: There are lots of things. I would love to get my nursing degree, have Baby Chicks go global, be on Oprah, be on American Idol, or be the star in a Broadway show. Good thing there's lots of time left.

Oh the joys!!

Well, it's Sunday night and my sweet blessings are asleep. They are so super sweet. Desiree is the greatest blessing. She has made me appreciate everything I have even more than before we were blessed with her. She just makes everything happy! It's so funny how we have changed from AnnaBelle to Desiree. With AnnaBelle, we wanted her to sit-up quickly, crawl early, and walk and talk as soon as possible. Everything was rushed. With Desiree.....we are still not encouraging crawling yet although she is a curious little one and is starting to scoot to reach things. We don't want her grow up. "If they could just stay little." We spend the first 3 years of their lives teaching them how to walk and talk, and the rest of their lives telling them to sit down and shut-up.

I went to the library last week to see if they had a copy (by some miracle) of Twilight which is being read by everyone and their dog (I have a friend that has a dog that can read.) I went to the search engine and it said that they have 15 copies and they were all checked out but that they had one in the hold section. I thought I would check if the hold was off or if I could get on the hold list. So I asked the girl at the front desk (who was wearing the cutest necklace and I asked her where she got it,) if I could check out the one on hold if the hold was up, or if I could get on the hold list (thinking that I could get it when the other 14 copies were due.) She told me I could do it myself by putting in my info at the search computer or she could do it for me. I told her that she probably needed to do it because it would take me an hour to figure it out (I just don't get it,) and she asked what book. I told her Twilight and she said, "um......I think we have a lot of people on hold for that." Still not realizing that how much demand there was, I asked to still be on the list. She then told me that I was number 58 on hold (which basically puts me at May 2008.) I then said nevermind and that I would just borrow my mom's copy when she is finished (which will probably be today since she started it 2 days ago and is the miracle speed reader.) That was my exprience with the library that day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Our website

I am very proud of our website. We have worked really hard to get it to this point. Check it out


This is our beautiful Desiree at 2 weeks old. She is now almost 8 months and I haven't taken any "professional" pictures of her since. So sad. I did buy some cute fabric to make outfits for the girls to get their pics done. Someday we'll get to it. Eeew, I could just squeeze her!


Okay, so I tried to upload a video of Desi laughing but it was taking FOREVER so I thought I would just give the link on YouTube. That way, if you wanted to view it, you could.

Such a sweet little baby!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Family

This is my family. L to R, AnnaBelle, Noah, Ashley, and Desiree.
We are a happy family. La la la.

My sweet girls

This was taken on AnnaBelle's first day of school at pre-school. I love Desiree's snot infested face and shirt. They are both SO SWEET!
Well, it took me this long to figure out how to post. I am so dumb sometimes! This has been a crazy month. We finally got Swiss Days over with. It was so awesome. We won a display and presentation award which is awesome! I was so excited! I actually cried when they gave it to us. We are automatically in next year which is awesome! Business has been crazy since SD. We've had a ton of traffic to our website.

Cinderella started last week. It's very exciting. We have a cast of almost 100. We need a new Arts Center and additional funding. Maybe this reception will get the city's attention. Which brings me to Johnny's re-election. He won the primary's on Sept. 11th but we still have the main vote in November. I can't stand the other guys that are running. I acutally got in a fight with a lady at the meet the canidates night a while back. It was pretty exciting seeing that I'm not a confrontational person. It's nice to know that when it comes to protecting and defending my family, I will step up.

I got a new calling in my ward. I used to be the Laurel advisor. Now I teach Sunday School to adults. I about passed out when they called me. I am a terrible teacher! This is definitely for my benefit. Hopefully what I am trying to get across is getting there. I am getting help from the man upstairs for sure!

Anyway, now that I have figured out how to post, I will be better (hopefully.)