Monday, June 30, 2008


I got this from Carlie's blog. It sounded like fun!

Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Howdy! Lehi Round-Up week is here and ya'll are all welcome to come watch the parade in front of our house. The stock parade doesn't come in front of it but the Friday and Saturday parades do. We are having a BBQ at our house after the stock parade on Thursday that everyone's invited to. Let us know if you would like to come so we can plan on you. It should be a fun and busy week! Come visit us at the Round-Up Celebration Boutique that Cyd and I are in charge of on Tuesday and Wednesday at Wine's Park. Happy Trails!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something interesting to wake up to.....

I woke up this morning and turned on the tv to the news. I wasn't really listening but something caught my ear. I heard the news achor say that a small plane hit a semi truck near Vernal this morning. I thought to myself (no lie) "What an idiot! The pilot turned out to be my uncle Bart. He had my cousin Austin in the plane with him. We are glad they are okay! Oh and...he's not an idiot. He is actually really smart to land the plane where he did. A semi just coincidentally came around the corner at that exact moment. He saved their lives, landed the plane, and did the best he could with minimal damage.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Wishing a Happy Father's Day to 2 wonderful men in my life! My wonderful husband, and my amazing dad. I have so much love and respect for both of them. I love you Honey and Daddy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Buck-Up Little Camper

We went camping last night. It was a last minute decision. It was 7:30 pm and we decided to go. Noah was going to go help out with the scout camp-out but they didn't really need him so he thought he would stay home. We were trying to figure out what to do with our time. Since it was too late to travel to Springville to watch the Miss Lehi girls in their parade, we were deciding between a movie or camping. Since it is soon to be Father's Day, I thought I would give Noah what he wants since it is almost his day. Normally I would fight camping with all of my might but now that we have our cute little camping trailer, it's not so bad. We went out to our land out by Thanksgiving Point (which is approximately 4 minutes from home.) We parked our trailer, made a fire, hiked around the land, made future building plans, and ate hot dogs and smores. It was a great time. Sleeping was another story. Our "double" bed which is more like a roomy twin (Andrew Barnard) is the most uncomfortable bed ever and on top of that, one of our stupid chihuahuas couldn't hold their bladder and peed in the bed. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Plus the two of them fight for the space by my stomach and they have little dog fights under the covers all night. At one point, Noah threw one of them across the trailer. Before the sun came up, Noah decided to sleep on the top bunk and we actually got a few minutes of sleep. After a groggy morning, we woke up and made french toast. Then we went on a bike ride on this great bike trail. AnnaBelle wasn't feeling well and had to keep visiting the "poop rock" and that's when we decided to break camp and hit the 4 minute drive for home. We had a fun time.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Noah and Ashley-About us!

1. What are your names? Noah Kimball McKinnon and Ashley Revill McKinnon
2. How long have you been married? 6 years last February (time flies!)
3. How long did you date? 6 months
4. Who eats more? We both can put it away!
5. Who cooks dinner? Me, Noah can't even boil water :)
6. Who said I love you first? Noah did and my heart skipped a beat!
7. Who is taller? Noah by a foot and 2 inches
8. Who sings better? Noah's got a boomin bass voice but I can sing a note or two
9. Who is smarter? Noah is extremely smart. We are both smart at certain things
10. Whose temper is worse? We both are even kill. Both chill and don't really care.
11. Who does laundry? Me, every once in a while he'll help out if he doesn't have socks or underwear :)
12. Who does the dishes? Me, but he'll do them if they are taking over the kitchen
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Noah
14. Who pays the bills? Noah, I hate money!
15. Who mows the lawn? Noah. I mowed the lawn for 10 years as a kid and swore never to do it again!
16. Who is more daring and outgoing? We both are outgoing but I'd say Noah's more daring. I'm ridiculously afraid of heights.
17. Who drives when you are together? Noah, until we get a minivan. :)
18. Who is more stubborn? We both are stubborn. The silent treatment lasts a while in our house :)
19. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Noah. I'm always right!
20. Who is older? Noah by 3 1/2 years, but his gray hair makes me feel like I'm married to a distinguished, older man.
21. Who proposed? Noah. It's far too long a story to tell. Come watch the movie :)
22.Who kissed who first? Noah did and it was so cute and romantic.
23. Who has more friends? Me by far! I have too many to count. I LOVE friends. Noah is happy with his few really good friends.
24. Who has more siblings? Noah by a dozen! Just Kidding, there are 5 kids in my family and 8 in his.
25. Who wears the pants in the family? I would never tell Noah that I do but.....I do. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I need a nap! was a crazy week last week and I'm not gonna lie, I'm glad it's over. I am sad to not see the contestants each week. They were all so much fun. As many of you know, I got a phone call on Saturday morning from Natalie. She told me that her sister and one of our wonderful contestants, was sick and at the urgent care. I just crossed my fingers that it wasn't anything serious and that we would see her at 12:00 at interviews. After a few text messages that she was going to the emergency room and then one saying that she was being admitted into the hospital, I knew it was serious and there was a big chance that she wouldn't be participating that night. All of us involved were devistated. Many of the girls waiting for interview were crying and worried about her. She went into surgery soon after and I had a hard time thinking about anything else. It was difficult for me because her older sister Natalie is one of my closest friends. I saw them both yesterday and she is doing great.

Well, the show had to go on, so we did get our new royalty and the pageant was a success. We had a wonderful crowd, a wonderful MC (thanks Johnny,) and a great production. Johnny called Noel at the beginning of the pageant and that was really sweet. I cried through most of the pageant. Mainly because I was amazed at the growth of each girl and how far each of them have come. I hope each of them had a good time and learned something about themselves. I think it takes a special person to be a pageant contestant. They were all amazing!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Miss Lehi week

Oh dear and oh my! I can't believe it's actually here! All the work and preparation is going to pay off this week. I have to admit that I am relieved that it is almost over. It is a lot of work! We invest so much time and emotion into the program. I also feel very attached to all of the girls and wish that we could have 10 attendants and 1 queen. They are all such wonderful and talented girls and I love and enjoy each one of them so much! I am going to miss them.

With Miss Lehi, it seems like once one thing ends, on to the next! The parades start immediately that next weekend in Springville so we need to get measurements and buy dresses to match the float. The next week after that is Round-Up and what a crazy week that is! I am also sad to say goodbye to Jami, our current Miss Lehi. She has been such a great representative of the city.

Time to gear up for the 2nd craziest week of the year for me (the #1 craziest week of the year for me is and will always remain Swiss Days week on Labor Day. AH!) Luckily Traci is the best thing that ever happened to the program and the only reason the pageant is going to be a success! I love you Traci and thanks for being so insanly amazing!

See you at the pageant!