Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On a lighter note....

So...my last post was somewhat depressing and didn't bring out the best in me. Let's change the subject eh?

My beautiful sister is in the hospital in Vegas. She has a really bad kidney infection and her spleen is enflamed. She has been in the hospital for 4 days now. I wish I could help her but she's so far away! I want to send her flowers or something. What to do?

I went tanning the other day and burned my bum. It really hurt for a while. I'm sure you didn't want to hear that but ya know..

Miss Lehi is next week and as I typed that, I got butterflies and my stomach churned. I can't believe it's almost here. Working on the program and having the girls text me 100 times a day is getting a little old but....we're almost there and I will certainly miss their texts when it's over!

Airbrush Tans by Ashley is growing. I even ordered some business cards because I get so many referrals and people want to give my card out. I guess I'm official if I ordered business cards.

So much to do...so little time.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


***Disclaimer....I use offensive language in this post but only in defense of my dad and brother. It's the mother-bear syndrome in me but really the daughter-bear, sister-bear***

I just need a minute to vent. Have any of you heard of the city prosecutor and city police problem? It's on ksl.com if you want to read it.


I don't know the facts of the story. I'm still gathering information so I won't say who or what side I am on. My problem is that NOWHERE in that story is anything written about the city council yet some idiot decides to bring my family into it in the discussion board. Here's his retarted post:

"The city of Lehi, its’ city council, its’ police department, its’ building and park department has been a “Good Old Boys Club” for a long time. I am glad to finally see someone stand up and take a stand.

Several years ago I lived in Lehi. It was at a time the city started to see vary large growth. It seemed as if there was a new subdivision being built everyday. I was new to the area and wanted to get involved more in my city. That is when I started to discover the “Good Old Boys Club”. Not once, not twice but three times I reported to city police cattle running free on the streets in the Pioneer Subdivision. The officer who responded to the first called blew the issue off saying, “Those are Bishop Revill cows.”

A few years after the Pioneer subdivision was built the home’s basement began to fill with water. The issue was report to the city in the hope of finding the source of the water. Many residents attended a city council meeting to discuss the issue. I was surprised to hear our Lehi elected officials tell the people to just forget the issue and go home.

I and others learned there had been springs running in the area for years and everyone who had grew up in the area wondered why the city let them build homes there. It was the "Good Old Boys"... Someone knew someone who was on the planning board.

Lehi City has been a club for the “Good Old Boys” and still is. City Councilman Johnny Revill has on the city’s web site as his qualification “Serves in the High Council in the Lehi Jordan River Stake” The Revill's sold their land to build Cabels, now on the city council and over the police mind you.

I hope when this is all over the “Good Old Boys” change the guard. "

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Just so you know, Johnny and I both commented on his comment. Here they are:

Johnny's- " Maybe you need to get your facts straight before you accuse myself and my family, the chief and everyone else in Lehi for being corrupt and part of the "good ole boy" club. Your blind assumptions and accusations make you look like a fool. I'll only address one of your mis-informed statements and that will discredit all of your others; my family never has and never did own the property, nor property anywhere near where Cabela's is now. I find these posts amusing. It seems a place for people to go to make themselves feel better by hammering on others without disclosing their identities. Real brave of you Dry Fish. I would love to sit down with you and truly discuss what is happening in our wonderful city of Lehi. It's unfortunate for you that you don't live here anymore and I wish your stay would have been better. But sometimes no matter how hard some people look, they just can't enjoy life. Do me a favor, cheer up and go take a happy pill."

My response: "Dry Fish...do you have a problem with my family??? Please fess up and tell us what your problem is. Just like my favorite brother wrote, we have never owned any land on or near Cabelas. My husband and I bought my parents land when they were ready to move somewhere that my dad could farm and have horses without outsiders bugging him. I'm sorry my dad's cows got out 10 years ago. Yes...he was a Bishop 10 years ago. Move on. We pride in the fact that we are still that community that has roots and values. I will NEVER understand anyone who think it's wrong to be that way. We were founded on values and still have values."

I am a non-confrontational person. "Can't just everybody get along" is truly my catch phrase but as soon as you go attacking my family, most of all my father who is the greatest man I know....oh HELL NO! It's on!

I don't know who this guy is but seriously, get your facts straight, get a life, and sleep with one eye open bitch!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi! Remember me?

Here is the latest about me:

My new favorite show is Modern Family. I laugh out loud at it. I haven't laughed at a show like this in a long time. The Office hasn't done that it a while.

My husband is so supportive.

My son is starting to take steps. When did he grow up?

My kids want a Wii and the game "Just Dance." I admit, I want it too. But that's all I would do all day....and if I had guitar hero, my children would starve, my house would fall apart, and I would do nothing else. That's why we don't have gaming systems in our home. Not because Noah would get addicted, but because I would. I was addicted to tetris in college.

We are seriously thinking of moving to St. George. Noah fell in love with it last weekend and it sounds pretty good to me too.

I don't think I could hate anyone more than the stupid Lakers and their stupid coach and stupid players and their stupid fans. They're just stupid.

Stupid is a stupid word.....

I need to do yardwork. In the worst way! We are so white trash but there's never time. I made time for it today but it's raining so there goes that.

My new favorite store is Winco. It rocks my world! They have those awesome bulk bucket things that you scoop stuff into plastic bags. They have pumpkin seeds and granola and organic food. It's nice to have healthy alternatives that don't cost and arm and a leg.

I gave an arm and a leg to the bank last week.

I go to the gym with Traci 3 x's a week. We have fun and laugh. I peed my pants yesterday in class because they made us do a bigillion jumping jacks. Then I peed my pants because I was trying to hide it. Then I peed because Traci and I didn't know the step routine and watching her try to figure it out made me pee. Then we saw "treadmill man" and he was doing neck exercises and that made me pee more. Maybe I need medication for that?

That is all for me. Out!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week Update

Here's my week in a nutshell....

Drove many hours on Sunday. Left Cali at 6 am and drove into Lehi at 6:30 pm. Got dressed and immediately left for the Jazz game that started at 7. Came home to a dirty house but my kids were alive. Tried to get caught up on my dirty house all week. Hasn't happened yet. I've been dealing with Miss Lehi stuff all week. Paperwork was due. I counted and I had over 100 text messages this week. I think it's awesome that they want help and guidance but I'm just glad it's all turned in. :) Now we get to do the fun stuff. My kids drove me crazy this week. Am I the only mom this happens to? All I do all day is break up fights and tell them they can't have any more snacks. Anyone have any advice on how to get them to stop asking for and sneaking snacks? Locking up the food isn't really an option because of our pantry situation. They just snack all day long and then won't sit down to eat organized meals. But I just can't deny my children food. They also don't stay occupied for more than 10 minutes. I need some ideas on how to keep them happy and busy so I can actually get something done. If they weren't so gosh-darn cute....I would sell them. :)