Saturday, August 9, 2008

Top 10 Best Swiss Days Moments Countdown

10-Pulling out the booth from the "coop of dispair" and getting that butterfly feeling.

9- Watching my amazing dad lift heavy walls at his ripe age (thanks dad!)

8-Setting up the booth in the dark (3-5 pm set up time isn't enough before dark.)

7-Waking up on Friday at 6:30 to techno music on Cyd's phone alarm. Waking up Saturday morning to the announcer for the 5K.
Announcer-"Wake up campers, let's get this party started"
Me- "SHUT UP!!! It's frickin 6:00!!!"

6-Making hot chocolate, getting stuff ready, trying to start the scooter in the cold (to no avail,) walking in the cold to the booth, taking down the stupid tarp, having people buy stuff before the tarp is even down.

5-Compliments from shoppers on our cute stuff and booth.

4-Spooning with Cyd in one sleeping bag cuz it was FREEZING!

3-Riding scooby to 7-11 and Mountian Top Restaurant with my pregnant sister hanging on for dear life behind me. Almost wrecking 17 times.

2-Making more the first day then we made in the last 2 years, COMBINED!!!! AH!

1- Having an awesome time with "the best sister in the world!" Laughing until we peed and reaping our rewards for hard work.

Thanks Cyd! It was a great time! Thanks to Noah, Rich, Dad, and Mom for all of your help. It WOULD NOT have been possible without all of you! We owe you a big steak dinner.

Swiss Days 2008

Hi ya'll and guten morgen (good morning.) I just wanted to extend an invitation to you to join us at Midway Swiss Days 2008 on Friday and Saturday. We are so excited and honored to be a part of it again. This is our 4th year and we LOVE it! Our booth is located in the furthest North section on the end of the row. We have never been in that area before so it's exciting to see how this year will turn out. We have lots of new products this year and I know you won't be dissapointed in the other booths. The food is reason enough to come. Come find us if you come up and say "hello!!" We set up Thursday night from 3-5 pm and then Cyd and I will be staying in our sweet camping trailer in the church parking lot. We will also be using scooby (our scooter) as transportation through the week. It's going to be a blast! Hope to see you there!

More sleep...

I felt really lame going to bed last night at 10:30 since there is nothing to watch anymore.

Change of mind

I have changed my mind. I am trying out for the badminton team or the ping pong team. The trampoline is my back-up. I also thinking rifling is cool. (Kidding.)

Intervention name is Ashley....I am an Olympic addict. It should only last for another week or so.

I am going to try out for the olympic trampoline flip team. That's been my favorite event so far. Noah said that he has never even seen me do a flip on our trampoline so at 11:00 pm last night, we went outside and I showed him my mean back flip. I immediately went back inside and changed my underwear.

New battery???

Well, my laptop died and I need to buy a new battery but they are around $300 which is insane! Now I have to go downstairs and use the dumb pc which I hate. Hopefully I can find one that is not as much and we will be back on track! :)

We are heading to go camping today. Should be fun! I am excited. Luvs!


Wowness indeed! The Opening Ceremonies were insane! I am not a huge fan of them but I have to say that I was in awe (Noah as well) at the amazingness that was the Opening Ceremonies. The box things the lit up....the box things that the people were inside...the karate guys and their perfect circles....the guy with the torch that was "running" at the top of the stadium. INSANE! I very much enjoyed them. Fine holiday fun!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hooray! The puppies are here! They arrived between 10:00 and 11:30 this morning. Chaquita had 3 puppies, all are girls. One brownish/tan and 2 black. They are so incredibly cute. She struggled with the first one so I had to assist a little bit. I had rubber gloves and birthing pads on hand and they came in handy. The second baby came very easily and about 5 minutes after the first. The 3rd puppy was a little difficult and we almost lost it. She pushed for about 10 minutes and finally had it. It wasn't responding so I rubbed it for a little while and it finally came to. We are so relieved that Chaquita is doing good and the puppies. It's going to be so fun! Come see them if you like!

Puppy #1
Puppy #2 (sorry, kinda graphic)
Puppy #2
Puppy #3
Mom and her cute pups!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Noah and I were watching home videos the other day and realized just how much Desi looks like AnnaBelle did at her age. I found some pictures to compare. What do you think??



Sunday, August 3, 2008


I know this is going to sound ridiculously stupid and I might lose a friendship over it or even respect from people but I am totally bummed that shark week is over on the Discovery Channel. I love shark week. I should have been a marine biologist or something because it totally intrigues me (even though I am scared to death of all marine life and deep water.) I will try to figure out how to post the video of us swimming with the sharks in Hawaii. I have literally never been so scared in my life. We also went snorkeling with turtles on that trip but the absolute worst was when I went scuba diving in Mexico on the free trip I won from R.C. Willey with my mom (she got pooped on by a giant lizard.) After 1 hour of scuba instruction, they threw us in the water and basically said "good luck." It was the worst hour of my life. I breathed in so much salt water and got stung by a jellyfish on my face, right below my mask. When I asked them what I should do because it hurt SOOOOO bad, they said "uhhhh???? we don't know." So I peed on my own hand and put it on my face. It was sick but it helped. Okay....maybe it's a good thing I didn't venture into marine biology but I still like shark week. I'll stick to my couch and tv to enjoy marine life.

Friday, August 1, 2008

American Idol Pictures are here!

American Idol Experience

I wanted to blog EVERYTHING about our experience up at American Idol. It was everything I thought it would be and more (including a front row view of Ryan!) I am warning you that this will be long, so be prepared. I will start from the beginning:

Sunday night, we left for registration at 6:00 pm because Cyd has "night church." I picked her up thinking that we would be a while. I packed snacks, water, an umbrella, and every & any form of i.d. I have. (Literally.....Cyd was laughing....I had my drivers license, passport, social security card, 2 marriage licenses, and birth certificate. Just in know.) We arrived at Energy Solutions Arena and parked in a great free parking spot. I was worried though because it was for only 2 hours but thought I could come move it if needed. We walked up the steps and there was a table of about 20 American Idol workers just waiting to register someone...because we were the only 2 there. I scanned the people...avoiding the white haired, crosseyed, bearded man to the right and went toward the cute, friendly girl. She smiled and took my i.d. She checked my birthday (which is really close to being too old) and gave me a red wristband. They gave Cyd a hot pink wristband and a gave us both a V.I.P pass and told us that we could come at 7:00 am on Tuesday instead of 5:00 am and we automatically get to go to the front of the line. Why??? I was so confused. Then they said "because your friend is pregnant." SWEET!!! I knew I took Cyd for a reason! We were done in 2 minutes and headed home. We were back around 6:45.

I didn't sleep at all on Monday night. Not because of nervousness or gitters, just because I was so excited to be a part of it. I have loved American Idol since season 1. I felt like I did when I was a little kid the night before going to Lagoon. I woke up at 5:30 and got myself ready. I picked Cyd up at 6:15 and headed for Salt Lake. When we arrived, we about died at all of the people. They were doing group shots and everyone was screaming. We could hear helicopters and police. We didn't experience the craziness outside because of our V.I.P treatment. We went right inside with another group of pregnant women, people in wheelchairs, and bald people with funky bandanas on. We felt bad that we were labeled as "diabled" when Cyd was perfectly fine to stand in line in the heat for hours (just a few days earlier, she was lifting boulders in her back yard.) But it was nice to not have to. :)

We took the elevator downstairs and arrived on the main floor. As we entered the arena, it looked smaller for some reason. I was used to entering it with 20,000 screaming Jazz fans. I did find a poster of D Will and blew it a kiss for good luck (you were in my heart baby!) They showed us to our padded seats. (Oh..and they let us bring in all of the treats we brought because she was pregnant.) We sat and waited for the crowd to arrive. All while being entertained by the funny black guy that was teaching us our audition city song. I found Suzie and Lindsay in the crowd and gave them a big wave. Cyd and I sat next to the winner of Salt Lake Idol. He was pretty secure about his singing ability and made it known. His darling little wife was a cutie though (I thought she was Kelly Pickler at first.) He told us that this was his 6th year of trying out (time to give up the dream pal.) After chatting for a while, they decided to go find someone to "inform them" that he was the Salt Lake Idol and they had him go to some "special seating." Cyd was so incredibly annoyed with him at that point. She can't stand short, somewhat chubby guys who think they are the shiz. We laughed at him for a while. Then we got to know the couple sitting next to us. He had a broken arm and they were an engaged couple from Las Vegas. This was his 2nd year of trying out. They were very cute and fun to hang out with.

After singing "Aint No Mountain High Enough" about 50 times, the crowd was settled and we learned "Get Ready" by The Temptations. They started taking group shots of everyone while singing and yelling things like "Welcome to Happy Valley....AHHHHHHH!" We weren't in the section that got much camera time but then again we were on the floor so I doubt they would have showed us anyway. There were random camera men coming around taking pictures and video and we got on a few of those. Cyd got her own shot with a the cameraman shooting her belly and her saying "American Idol 2028!" Maybe we'll make it on :). After many group shots and a lot of yelling, we were tired but we kept laughing at people. There was a very large girl and her larger mom in a motorized chair that were so excited to be there, that we were sure they were going to have a heart attack. At one point, she tried to jump out of her chair and slipped and felt flat on her butt. There was also the very large black woman in red sequins from head to toe, and the girl in the blue shirt that Cyd was so annoyed with. :)

Finally they started to bring out the tables. They explained that they would be auditioning in sections but that the "disabled" group could audition whenever they want. We decided that we would watch for a little while and then I would go. I had to go to the bathroom so I went upstairs and found a swarm of people at the concession stands and all of them were singing. It was already a competition and you could tell that they were trying to show the other person that they were good or better than them. I went into the bathroom and there were 20 girls with curling irons and make-up kits. I just had to pee. So I did my thing and went back for my seat (not before blowing another kiss at another Deron poster.)

We moved our chairs right in front of the auditioning tables so we could see and hear better. That's when I decided that I was ready to go. I got in line and they placed me with 4 other people. They have you audition in groups of 4. Each person does their audition and waits for the others to audition. After all 4 have sung, they bring you forward and tell you if one or none, or all have moved on. So far in the hour that we had watched the auditions, we had only seen 4 tickets given and one of them was to Gabe, the Salt Lake Idol..yuk! As I waited in line, the people around me were singing and talking about where they were from and the long trips they had to take to get there. Washington, South Carolina, Idaho....I was glad I only had a 20 minute drive home at that point. I wasn't nervous. I felt good and knew that whatever happens, it would happen for a reason. They moved us to our table and there were 3 groups ahead of us. Right before the group ahead of us began, they paused the auditions and welcomed a very special guest...who do you think?? Yep...Ryan. I don't see the appeal personally but he was very fun. Cyd shook his hand and he looked right into her eyes (and then she peed her pants.) After he did his thing for an hour or know...."Salt Lake is where Archie hails the next American Idol from here? American Idol.. AHHHHHHHH!" More yelling and screaming, and flashes, and girls swarming him. Finally it was done and we started the auditions again. There was a girl in front of me in a red shirt that was killing me. She was a larger girl with bright red hair. She kept giving us advice like "when you're singing, think about what you're singing about and who you're singing it to. That really works for me." Great! Thanks! (She was terrible and I thought for sure they'd keep her just to make fun. Sad!) Next, we were up. I was on the end and they started with the first guy. He was black and was really good. Next was a girl from South Carolina. Ummmm...okay. Next was the shy girl from Idaho...not so great....and then it was my turn. I gave the judges a big smile, told them my name, and that I would be singing "Almost Like Being in Love" by Nat King Cole. They nodded and I started. I sang it the best I could and they were jamming along with me. I sang the entire song and they said "great, thank you." Then they put the clip board in front of their faces and discussed for about 30 seconds. Then they brought us all up and said "some of you have great potential. Unfortunately, we don't have the time or luxury to work with you. We are looking for something specific and you don't fit that. You are not competing with the people in this arena, you are competing with the Chris Daughtry's and Carrie Underwood's, but thanks for coming." We said thank you and went through the curtain to the area where they cut off your wristband and escort you out. I was just so excited to be able to experience it. I had so much fun!!!

Cyd and I stuck around for a few minutes and watched our friends from Vegas. By the time we left, we saw a total of 8 golden tickets given. It was noon. When we came outside, we saw Big Budda but avoided that because there's nothing like being interviewed after going through the loser tunnel. The greatest thing about it is that thousands of people would go through that tunnel and a few wouldn't so you don't feel too bad.

We had so much fun and I'm so glad Cyd and I went and spent that fun time together. We laughed, we ate, we sang, we peed a little. I highly recommend the experience to anyone (and always bring a pregant or disabled friend, or cancer patient with you!) :) Yeah for American Idol!