Monday, August 29, 2011

Political Post

I'm not one to get too into politics and such but if you're running for city council or other public office and you're running your mouth about all the things that are done wrong in your city, state, or might want to vote in the previous election. Just sayin: No Vote, No Voice. Know your candidates and ask them if they have voted in past elections.

Since this election obviously is biased because my brother is going for city council, I will be posting about the election, the initiatives on the ballot, and the other candidates. I will be voting for my brother (ovbiously) but the other 2 votes I get are up for grabs. The other 2 incumbents don't automatically have my vote. My neighbor, Mike Southwick is running for city council and he is a GREAT man! One of the best so he as of right now, has my vote. I need to hear his insight on the things I care about. Whether he supports the Lehi Arts Council, The Miss Lehi Pageant, and other programs I love and use like the Rippy Literacy Center. I plan to get information from each candidate and their views and post it on here. Have you heard about the initiative they are trying to pass on the ballot this year? Do your homework. It was presented by former Lehi city disgruntled employee and current candidate Clint Carter. This will affect your neighbors and their jobs. Read about it here:

It puts a salary cap on city officials and requires that all city employees (including police and firemen) would have to live in Lehi City limits. We would lose over 30 policemen alone if this initiative is passed.

Again, do your homework. That's all for now but I'll be posting in the future.


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